About Us

Our Approach

Welcome to Pretty Cat Pics.com, we hope you enjoy your virtual visit into a wonderland of furry purry art that is sure to warm your heart.

We are often referred to as the “Anne Geddes” of cat photography. While you may notice that a great deal of attention to detail goes into each set it is the cat itself that makes the picture a “portrait”.  The God-given beauty of these precious felines is simply unexplainable. While social media has become inundated with everyday snapshots we know it is sometimes refreshing to see professional photographs scroll up your feed. We do hope you will take the time to stop and gaze through each and every photo.

Our Wish for You

Our hope is simple. We hope we make you smile if only even one of you. In a world that can often leave us feeling down, alone or sad on certain days we hope you will bookmark this page and come here on those days and find a smile somewhere within the faces of these angelic angels among us.